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How to Become a Runner - 7 Beginner's Tips

How to Become a Runner - 7 Beginner's Tips

Run outdoors.

Often when we speak to people who “tried running but didn’t like it”, further questioning reveals that they tried running on a treadmill. I’ve been running for about ten years and I still can’t stand treadmills, most runners can’t!

Head outside for a run and you’ll find yourself far less likely to become bored and you’ll also experience the added benefits that come from being outside in the fresh air.


Fight the boredom.

Continuing on from the first point, if you often find yourself getting bored while running you can try running with a friend or creating a killer playlist for your ipod.


Start slow.

It’s tempting but you don’t have to go hell for leather when starting out. At best you won’t enjoy it, at worst you’ll pick up an energy. Aim for a steady and slow jog for as long as it's comfortable and then try increasing the distance over time. You'll be shocked by your improvements!


You don’t need special running shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, specialist running shoes will make you a better runner and they should be the first piece of running equipment you invest in but any runners/sporty shoes will definitely suffice for your first few runs. The same goes for running clothes, anything comfortable will do when starting out. Don’t use it as an excuse!


Warm up – the right way.

Modern sports-science agrees that static stretches before running can actually do more harm than good, including increasing the risk of injuries caused by over-stretching. Instead, opt for a brisk 5 minute walk and dynamic stretches such as high knees and bum kicks.


Eat the good stuff. 😉

The food you eat after running will help your muscles rebuild so it’s important to give your body some good fuel for it to repair itself and build strength. Everyone will have their favourite post-run meals but as general rule of thumb, you’re looking for protein and some carbs.


Sign up for a race.

You might not think this is your cup of tea but I promise you, once you try one you’ll be hooked. Having something booked and paid for will give you a reason to keep training and will keep you honest when you starting thinking about skipping sessions. They are not scary at all, only a very small proportion of participants will be “serious” runners and most will be ordinary, friendly people looking to improve their life, just like you!


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